Welcome to 2017miles

Welcome to Journey of the Year

Olimometer 2.52

Olimometer 2.52

One man vs Over 2000 miles, in only one year

Glad you made it here!

Here you’ll be able to join me as I challenge my limits and share my experiences along the way. You can read all about it as I seek to answer these questions:

  • What is it like to go from an amateur runner to 2017 miles in one year?
  • How will I manage all the obstacles to reach my goal?
  • Who will I meet, support and gain support from as I make this journey?
  • What interesting and beautiful places will I encounter?
  • How will I help, inspire, educate and support others by sharing this story together?

Where are the goods then?

At the top of this page, you can see a meter showing the progress I’ve made. Right now it looks like I have¬†838¬†miles to go. You can also navigate through the top menu. However, since you are here, have a few links: