Who Needs a Countdown Anyway?

Life is a series of sacrifices

I am writing the bulk of this post while on my lunch break at my new job. I am still in training but on the job rather than in the classroom. I am ecstatic that I have gained an opportunity to work in my field of study and interest.

But it has come at a cost.

During my time in the classroom, which was 40 hours a week, I maintained my previous job full time as well. This lead to a lot of challenges in finding time to train.

The result is that I am over 350 miles off my goal pace for the year.

However, I am fortunate enough that my new job was able to schedule me such that I am still able to attend my registered races this weekend.

Including the big one, the Olander 24-hour Ultra.

I have a bunch of wonderful people who are volunteering to come out and assist me in my quest to run as far as I can in 24 hours. My goal is to hit at least the 100 mile mark, with a stretch goal of 120 miles.

100 miles is 5% of my year goal!

So, while I will need some time off to recover following my race, I should put a dent in my year.

I wanted to post 100 reasons why I run and train for such a monstrous goal as 120 miles in 24 hours.

But, again, life is a series of sacrifices.

I had to make a lot of decisions based on what I knew I needed more. Running the miles was more important than talking or writing about them. Working to support myself and pay bills takes even higher priority. As such, when I got the call to start training for my new job with only a couple busy days notice, I had no real decisions to make.

I already knew what I had to do.

I’m still excited about my goal. The challenge of it seems to be growing. There is a significant part of me that enjoys a difficult challenge. Surely you couldn’t have figured that out already, of course.

I will have a chance to give an update on the races this weekend next week. Look forward to it. But, if you want to cheer me on, follow my Facebook page and comment or message throughout the race to encourage me or just keep tabs on how it is going.  At least one member of my crew will be posting periodic updates and passing your words of encouragement on to me.

Time passes…

I’m now editing this and about to post it minutes before going into work about 36 hours before the Olander start. In the morning, right after I get off my shift, I have a race too. The Boy Scout Half-Marathon in Bowling Green, OH is the fourth of five races in the Run-The-419 Grand Prix series. I figure 13.1 miles should be a good warm-up for my nearly 10 times longer run Sunday, right?