Hi, my name is Rob.

I am a lot of things:

  • Writer
  • Philosopher (B.A.)
  • Gamer
  • Master of Public Health degree holder
  • Manager of a Friendly Local Game Store

And of most importance for these purposes:

  • Amateur Runner

Having dabbled for many years with running as a basis for general health and fitness, I took it seriously for the first time in 2016. As a result, it finally paid off. I lost over 50 pounds (22.5kg) of fat. Ran in my first Half-Marathon. Watched in astonishment as I completed my Marathon training and saw my 1-mile pace drop from over 10 minutes per mile to just above 8 minutes. I also discovered the well of determination and power to eke out time and energy to care for myself in all sorts of conditions.

Running has given me the power of transmutation

No, not as in magical transformation of lead into gold, but of leaden flesh into steely muscle. Running has powered me through depression and despair. It has given me alone time and helped me meet new people. Running has helped me change myself into a better version of me. It hasn’t given me great financial wealth nor do I have amazing genetic advantages, but…

What I do have are a very particular set of skills

And I want to share with you the benefit of those skills. I have knowledge and skills that helped me get into running, train myself to take it seriously so far, and I will be relying on to get me through the most strenuous physical goal I have yet to attempt. Skills like planning, researching, and developing a stockpile of resources, like apps and gamification, to support my healthier habits. Learning to cope with depression, ADD, and general motivational laziness.  How to recognize healthy and unhealthy habits and make compromises where needed to come out ahead.

Run with me or just read along. Either way, I’m happy you’re here.