First 6 miles down!

First, a huge ‘Thank You!’ to everyone who came out to support me and cheer me on. There weren’t many of you, but there never is at the beginning of something difficult and wonderful. I’ll write up some further thoughts later.
Got the first 6.2 miles out of 2017 recorded. My phone crashed before my last loop, so the Mapmyrun app I was using missed 1.3 miles. I know that is about the right amount because my less-accurate but reliable Fitbit Charge2 was active as a backup and that squares with the listed distance of the loop. Only 2010.8 to go!

Plan for a Typical Mileage Week, Created!

A Goal without a Plan is a Wish

I’m a man with a plan.

You don’t accomplish big goals by winging it. Improvisation, flexibility, and instinct all have their place in the day-to-day realities, but to make it to the end requires a plan. I have a plan.

First, we break the goal down. 2017 miles in one year comes out to around 5.5 miles a day, or  38.5 miles for a 7 day week. Let’s try to see what a typical week can look like, and then we can use that template as a starting place to train for specific races as we slot them in. Races will generate excitement, act as milestones, and give me a chance to run with others and celebrate.

A minimum commitment

When researching how to plan a running goal like this, I asked the folks over at the Hive (their forums) and a gentleman from Germany, .robert, chimed in with some great advice. He says: Continue reading “Plan for a Typical Mileage Week, Created!”

2017 miles in a year is MY goal. What are YOUR goals?

Take a shot on your goal.

‘That’s too much! I can’t do that!’

I have heard people say things like this already at the mention of my goal of running 2017 miles over the course of the next year. Yes, it’s over 5.5 miles per day if you divide it evenly across the year. Every. single. day. And if you feel it is out of your reach…

That’s completely fair!

Nobody knows you better than you do. I may suggest you push yourself out of your comfort zone, and want to inspire you to your own greatness, but knowing your limits is priceless. You can’t set your sights on surpassing them if you don’t see where they lie. No-one is able to run a good, injury-less marathon without months of training for it. Even running a 5k race is a massive challenge and risk for someone coming off the couch. I can’t recommend it. I can recommend a strategy for choosing something reasonable to you so it becomes achievable.

Finding YOUR Goal

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The Challenge: Running 2017 Miles in One Year

Last year, 2016, held some personal victories for me. My proudest is the loss over 50lbs, 8 inches off my waist, and running in my first ever half-marathon. I owe a lot to running, a habit I cannot allow myself to lose. I plan to run in the local spring marathon, the Glass City Marathon, in late April, but it that goal seems too easy for me to be deeply challenged by it.

Enter 2017 Miles.

My goal for the year 2017 is to log at least 2017 miles of running. I hope to do it in various places and with various people and to share my thoughts, progress, and tips with the world at large while I do.

What does 2017 miles look like?

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