Day 21: Run with Jacob S.

Distance3.80 mi
Duration 00:35:53
Pace9:26 min/mi

Met with Jacob S. Today at the park. He is brand new to running and has some specific goals in mind. We talked about a plan and we went for a quick run. He’s got a great attitude and is off to a good start.

After we parted ways, I went out for another 3.3 miles to top over my minimum for the week, still nursing my knee a little.

I have a race tomorrow, which will be 10 miles and I want to put down some good speed, so enough for today. Work calls.

Day 20: Pain, No Pain

Distance6.20 mi
Duration 01:00:52
Pace9:49 min/mi

Started the run with a plan to go slow as I was nursing what I suspect was an IT Band injury, and a little bit of a cold. There was definitely pain when I started, but as I kept to it and slowly picked up the pace, the pain slid away. I finished today feeling notably stronger than when I started and also SO hungry. So, here’s the update. Off to find some food!

Day 17: 10 Miler Prelude

Distance10.00 mi
Duration 01:23:26
Pace8:20 min/mi

With a 10-miler race on Sunday, got 10 miles in today for something of a baseline.

Day 9: Neighborhood Night Tour

Distance11.40 mi
Duration 01:49:24
Pace9:35 min/mi

My knee was bothering me Sunday. I didn’t have much get up and go Monday morning. So, with weather conditions threatening to get ugly over night and through-out Tuesday, I was faced with a choice. I could call in a minimum for the whole week and just try to hit my 18 miles later, or I can get something done before the ugliness blew in.

I decided to bundle up and strike out into the night through the neighborhood. Kept my phone warm between layers and it lasted pretty well. I would have liked to get another 0.6 miles out of it before it died, but I took it’s surrender as a sign to call it myself. Nearly 12 miles today. With the non-run load I have coming later in the week, that’s a welcome pile of miles to get out of the way.