The Challenge: Running 2017 Miles in One Year

Last year, 2016, held some personal victories for me. My proudest is the loss over 50lbs, 8 inches off my waist, and running in my first ever half-marathon. I owe a lot to running, a habit I cannot allow myself to lose. I plan to run in the local spring marathon, the Glass City Marathon, in late April, but it that goal seems too easy for me to be deeply challenged by it.

Enter 2017 Miles.

My goal for the year 2017 is to log at least 2017 miles of running. I hope to do it in various places and with various people and to share my thoughts, progress, and tips with the world at large while I do.

What does 2017 miles look like?

That’s a little more than driving from Toledo, Ohio, where I am based, to my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Map showing distance between Toledo, OH and Las Vegas, NV. That's a lot of running.

This isn’t just some typical New Year’s resolution.

Looking at my performance last year, this is not a wistful wish, but a real and achievable challenge to push myself, physically and mentally, to the edge of my limits and into growth.  And maybe we’ll all learn some things along the way.

The official launch of all this will be January 1st of 2017.  My post schedule is a medium-long post twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Supporting these are occasional smaller posts, links, and thoughts as my time permits. Hopefully, I will get a progress bar widget put together to update regularly as well.

Where’s the running plan?

My training plan is under development and I will post it here soon. It focuses heavily on running, but also includes other strength and flexibility training and habits. Races, travel, and a busy day-to-day life with a full-time job are all additional factors that go into the training plan. As a result, you can expect a few edits along the way to adjust and account for the surprises of life.

I hope you join my journey and start one of your own. Follow my progress, design your own 2017 goal and chase it down!

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