Countdown to 100 Miles in 1 Day

50 Days To Go

I’m going to try something different in the countdown to my first official ultramarathon race. Today is 50 days out from the 24 hour timed event’s start. My aim for the blog is to try and talk briefly about two reasons to run that race each of those 50 days.

Reason 100: The Strategic Planning

I love the planning elements of training and running this type of event. Any activity that goes over a huge number of hours and effort requires planning. There is planning in figuring out how to train and improve to handle the effort. Also, lots of planning going into recruiting and training crew, ensuring logistic support, and the details of recovery.

I just enjoy puzzling over the requirements. Reviewing the available resources and deciding how best to use them. Figuring out how to acquire more needed resources to fill in deficits. It’s a logic puzzle, a visualizing exercise, and a chance to use my preparedness education.

Reason 99: The Daily Growth

In the planning above, I’ve had to evaluate myself and my abilities in a serious light. Among the resources I have to call upon, the most important in this case is my own physical ability. And that is something I can improve.

In fact, that improvement is a major reason I do running to begin with. I started my quest with a desire to beĀ able to run in the first place. That grew into wanting to improve my distance. Improve my time. Reduce my weight. Test my limits.

In the pursuits, I have thought about my goals and my training daily. Even if I don’t run on a given day, I evaluate how I feel closer. Watching for injuries, recovering from workouts, all things I see growth in. And the data crunching of my runs. It is always satisfying to see that I run a casual outing so much faster than I did last year.


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