Countdown: 44 Days – Reasons 89 & 88

44 Days To Go

Reason 89: Food Tastes Better

Maybe it is all the calories burned. Perhaps it is having ‘earned it’. But one simple truth is the first couple things eaten after cooling down from a good run taste wonderful.

I expect that it might be something coming out of all the blood and neuro-chemicals pulsing around my body. Senses just sharpen. Then all the great details of food’s flavor come to life.

Reason 88: Collecting Data

We live in an age of data collection and analysis. I like looking back at the performance of a run, a week, a month, and seeing how it went from a statistical perspective. Data doesn’t lie. It doesn’t go by feel. And it isn’t distorted by the human experience.

It’s nice to see when I managed to do something surprising like set a new segment record for myself. Data can also be averaged and divided to extrapolate. Compare a flat looping run against a wandering trail course of the same length. All provide insight and food for thought. And that helps me improve, plan, and enjoy what I’m doing.

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