Countdown: 45 Days – Reasons 91 & 90

45 Days To Go

Reason 91: Time to Think

Every day that I go out to run is a day that I get an hour or two just to myself. I don’t have any computers in front of me. No one talks to me during the run most of the time. And while I like to listen to music while I run, it fades to background as I think and consider things.

This active solitude is a gift. I can let my mind float back and forth on ideas, problems and events from my daily life without distraction. As a result, I’ve come up with some great ideas on runs that I later flesh out.

Reason 90: Time to ‘Pray’

I am not a religious individual. Spiritual on the other hand I can agree with, even if it doesn’t show often. Another thing the solitude and activity of running can bring me is a type of meditative state.

Focus on posture and breath, much like sitting in meditation, is an important part of running already. As I focus on my form, I feel solid and centered, even if I’m struggling. And in that state, I can give my wishes to the world. Or perhaps it is more that I am open to what the world has to say. This is what I mean by ‘pray’.

It seems like I inch closer to alignment with the universe and things go more in my favor, even if it doesn’t appear that way at first. Things fall into place. I become more whole.

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