Countdown: 47 Days – Reasons 96 through 94

47 Days To Go

Had a timing hiccup yesterday, so a double today!

Reason 96: Weight Control

When I started taking my running seriously, around 15 months ago, a major goal was to lose weight. Today, that goal has both been met, and has grown. Running allows me to have some indulgences now and again. I also, after losing 50 lbs. have decided that I want to drop 20 more yet.

Reason 95: Learning About How Food Works

In part with the above, I’ve learned and am still learning a lot about food. The broad overview in school can be broken down into a lot of details and nuances that matter. And learning how to provide yourself with the right fuel at the right time has been eye-opening. Now, applying all these lessons is another story. But, as they said back in the day, ‘knowing is half the battle’.

Reason 94: Everyone Has To Earn It

One thing I think I am realizing and loving about running is that it can’t be given to you. Everyone has to earn a good performance. You may have the gift of heritage and location. Wealth, environment, genetics, biomechanical edges, all are great. However, if you don’t work at it, you don’t get it. I didn’t have a lot of those things. You don’t have to. The most important thing to have, is grit. Determination. A will to say, ‘Oh, I can work hard and get that? I’m in!’

Reason 93: Chasing Down the Best is the Only Way to Beat Them

I don’t think I have designs on competing seriously in major running events, ultra or otherwise. But, to be an age-group contender? I wouldn’t mind that. To do one thing that makes someone go ‘Oh, damn. People can do that?’ Yeah, I want that. And I never had designs on running a marathon, let alone an ultramarathon one year ago. Yet, here I am.

A major league ultramarathon runner, Pete Kostelnick, is coming to the Olander Endurance Challenge, the 24 hour race I am counting down to. He is super accomplished and is almost a cinch to win it easily. That said, I look forward to giving him at least a moment of consideration. I want to cook down the loops on his tail and make him take it from me. Do I think I can catch him? I don’t have to. I just have to chase him. If he’s moving, I’m chasing him down. If he’s still, I’m gaining ground. I can’t beat the best if I don’t at least try to chase them down. After all, we evolved to be persistence hunters.

And I hope to learn a ton from running in such a small intimate race as this one.

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