Countdown: 49 Day – Reasons 98 & 97

49 Days To Go

Reason 98: Adventure

Today, we went out for a drive about to the south side of the Toledo area. Monclova, Maumee, and Perrysburg are parts of the greater Toledo area we don’t get to visit often. I’m currently considering a very long run on a trail that starts in this area, and we went out to plan where support stops might be made. We retraced some steps I made previously in the area. Got to try a new restaurant, not that it turned out well in this instance. And in general, we had a bit of fun wandering the area. We even learned that in these more affluent suburbs, the usual Kroger grocery store was quite different than in our neighborhood.

I enjoy having the excuse to go out of the house like this to scout out paths and just be adventurous like when I was growing up.

Reason 97: Exploring

Sure, this is a little like above, and certainly one way to find adventure is to go exploring. What I am getting at though is the discovery of new things. Finding the point on the trail where it transitioned from paved to natural trail was such a matter of exploring. We also got to find all manner of shops and beautiful houses while looking for transit routes and parking locations.

None of these would have happened had I not been considering this silly one-way run. And I would not have considered something like a 45-50 mile one-way run, had I not been planning and training for the 24 hour race.

Now we know some parks we want to visit and spend more time at. We found a shopping plaza we look forward to exploring more in the future. And we had a pretty damn good evening out and about.

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