Day 292: Wish I Could Stay Out Longer

Distance9.00 mi
Duration 01:20:40
Pace8:57 min/mi

Beautiful weather today, but running out of time for the run. Next two days are off from my main job, so hope for more great sunshine!

Day 290: I’ll Pay For It Later…

Distance9.00 mi
Duration 01:19:57
Pace8:52 min/mi

The cold mornings, back to back sizable runs, and a kinda tight schedule is making some days a real struggle. Today was a day that I was all over the place. Cruising for a mile, then struggling for the next. Feeling slow and needing to push up. Then looking at my pace a realizing I’m going way too fast.

I cut today short. I have some minor injury to my left foot arch. Hopefully nothing that will stop me.

Day 287: 896 Miles To Go!

Distance13.10 mi
Duration 02:15:44
Pace10:21 min/mi

Got to admit that some days the weight of the miles are pretty heavy. Truth be told, I don’t really love running for the act of running itself, but for the challenge, discipline, and knowing I am capable. Improvement.

As I face my countdown to this end goal, I’m both thrilled and bored. There is a huge load of miles in a relatively short span I have to power through. But the miles are repetitive.  I can’t go too far for my daily runs. My days off don’t line up well with races and ability to go to them. So it’s the same basic paths over and over.

That makes it another kind of challenge.