The Learning Curve: Starting, Running, Recording, and Sharing


Today I learned…

Everyday of this year is going to be a learning experience. When you take on what is a big challenge for you, you can’t help but learn every step of the way.

The people who care

I tried to generate some interest in meeting up for my New Year’s Day run that got my official mile count underway. There was no surprise that only three people turned out to cheer me on. I have a lot of support out there, but it takes a lot to go out in the early cold on a holiday after late-night celebrations. More people will join me as the weather improves and my goal reaches more ears. But, this first run will stand out in my memory for a long time because it was the beginning. And it was real bloody cold waiting for folks to show up!

Moving through the cold

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First 6 miles down!

First, a huge ‘Thank You!’ to everyone who came out to support me and cheer me on. There weren’t many of you, but there never is at the beginning of something difficult and wonderful. I’ll write up some further thoughts later.
Got the first 6.2 miles out of 2017 recorded. My phone crashed before my last loop, so the Mapmyrun app I was using missed 1.3 miles. I know that is about the right amount because my less-accurate but reliable Fitbit Charge2 was active as a backup and that squares with the listed distance of the loop. Only 2010.8 to go!