Day 294: My Old ‘Friend’ Shin Splints

Distance5.60 mi
Duration 00:50:11
Pace8:57 min/mi

I was trying to push hard to make up for lost time and lost training. You want to know something?

You can’t.

We had a fun little trip to participate in a world-record s’mores making attempt. I was all ready to run there, but the area wasn’t really that kind of park. After we got home, ate some real food and spent some time, I went out to run.

I was real inspired to try and stab at running back-to-back 13.1 mile days and quickly realized that it was too much. I then tried peeling it back to the bare minimum to hit my goal. That meant averaging 11.5 miles a day, with some off days or short days if I go long elsewhere.

Several 13 and 9 miles run later, and not only am I burning out a bit at the time and energy drain, but my body is complaining too.

Today, my two laps around the neighborhood has left my shins very tender.  So, the major mileage to pack in another 800 miles in 8 weeks isn’t looking good.

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