Right-size your challenge. Here are three ideas.

You can challenge yourself in the same way I am, without going to the exact same lengths. In fact, I encourage you to. But if you need a little inspiration on what would be a more achievable personal journey, I hope this helps.

Here are three quick ideas on how you can challenge yourself without going to the same extents as I am.

2017 Steps per day in 2017 
Works out to about 1 mile per day for a typical stride. Walk them or run them. Do them every day, or make a plan similar to the one I post tomorrow to hit your weekly and monthly goals with a series of light and heavy days.

2017 Minutes every Month of 2017
Activity doesn’t have to be measured in distance. In fact, most of my running progress last year was targeting duration, rather than distances. 2017 minutes works out to be 33 hours and 37 minutes. So each day you can set aside 65 minutes for yourself. Wake up early and go for a walk, run, or bike ride. Put on your favorite 65 minute playlist and power through a workout from Darebee.com. And once a month, push a little further. Do a 5k race, explore the largest area park, or double up your workouts with a morning cardio and an evening yoga routine.

Track your calories in 2017
Using an app like Myfitnesspal can allow you to keep a mindful eye on what you eat in comparison to what you need. This is the app and site I used to keep track of my calories and monitor my weight loss goal. It has a huge database of food items that you can easily load into your log, and you can make recipes and meals for your frequent repeats. You don’t have to be accurate to a scientific level, measuring everything on a scale. That’s for professional athletes and nutritionist. For our purposes, if you have a good judge of how much an ounce is, or what portion of a package you are consuming, you will likely be right within 100 or so calories for your day. And the very realization that your lunch hot dog is 50% of the calories you need for the day and still leaves you hungry will make you change your habits.

Have your own ideas?

Comment and share with others. Perhaps you’ll inspire someone else to join you in a specific goal.

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