On this page you will find some of the resources, sponsors, and people that support my efforts.


Under 500 Club

These sponsors started supporting my efforts when I was less than 500 miles into my goal.  Their early faith in my efforts puts them in an exclusive club.

Aspenwood Counseling Aspenwood Counseling Logo

Based in Burley, Idaho, the counselors at Aspenwood Counseling service a large community across southern Idaho. They use a variety of techniques to teach healthy coping skills, stress management, and wellness coaching.

Want to join the club? Drop me a line.


Darebee started out years ago with some superhero tribute workouts and has become an amazing resource with 100’s of workouts, many training programs, tons of articles and a great community. Easily my favorite fitness site. And, 100% free to all people all the time. That said, check them out. If you find their materials (which are constantly growing) useful, consider donating to support them. If it wasn’t for them, I’d still be ‘dabbling’ with getting in shape and making up excuses for failure.

Another great resource that led to my success and can help you reach your own. My Fitness Pal is tied into the UnderArmour brand, and while I can’t comment on their clothes or other products, this app is wonderfully functional. Both on computer and on smartphones, it makes tracking your calories a lot less painful. A huge database of foods, including a barcode search on smartphones using your camera, it is easy to find your food. It also give fairly accurate calculations for calories burned by activity and duration. I couldn’t tell you anything about their forum community, but the app is super solid and useful.