2017 miles in a year is MY goal. What are YOUR goals?

Take a shot on your goal.

‘That’s too much! I can’t do that!’

I have heard people¬†say things like this already at the mention of my goal of running 2017 miles over the course of the next year. Yes, it’s over 5.5 miles per day¬†if you divide it evenly across the year. Every. single. day. And if you feel it is out of your reach…

That’s completely fair!

Nobody knows you better than you do. I may suggest you push yourself out of your comfort zone, and want to inspire you to your own greatness, but knowing your limits is priceless. You can’t set your sights on surpassing them if you don’t see where they lie. No-one is able to run a good, injury-less marathon without months of training for it. Even running a 5k race is a massive challenge and risk for someone coming off the couch. I can’t recommend it. I can recommend a strategy for choosing something reasonable to you so it becomes achievable.

Finding YOUR Goal

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