Plan for a Typical Mileage Week, Created!

A Goal without a Plan is a Wish

I’m a man with a plan.

You don’t accomplish big goals by winging it. Improvisation, flexibility, and instinct all have their place in the day-to-day realities, but to make it to the end requires a plan. I have a plan.

First, we break the goal down. 2017 miles in one year comes out to around 5.5 miles a day, or  38.5 miles for a 7 day week. Let’s try to see what a typical week can look like, and then we can use that template as a starting place to train for specific races as we slot them in. Races will generate excitement, act as milestones, and give me a chance to run with others and celebrate.

A minimum commitment

When researching how to plan a running goal like this, I asked the folks over at the Hive (their forums) and a gentleman from Germany, .robert, chimed in with some great advice. He says: Continue reading “Plan for a Typical Mileage Week, Created!”