Day 144: Frantic Finish 5k

Distance3.10 mi
Duration 00:23:54
Pace7:42 min/mi

A local club, Toledo Roadrunners Club, put on a super casual race today called ‘Frantic Finish 5k’. Met a cool lady who answered a lot of questions about local running for me and is a great cheerer. Weather was cool and drizzly which made it surprisingly good for running.

In this type of run the clock counts down before start. You take off at the time you expect to finish or last finished a 5k at. For me, that silly 5k I jumped in on last week had about a 24:07 finish. That’s when I took off here.

It was interesting running up on and over taking people, while also trying to discipline between burning out too fast and going too easy.

Of note, there were a pair of folks, David and a young track runner I’ll call 13 as I caught her age but not her name later. They went out at about 26 minutes I think. I caught up to them fairly quickly and overtook a bit before 1km in. I would see them again in the last 1.5km and in the very last 400m they managed to pass me as I gave up some pace in exchange for not vomiting.

Running is violent to yourself at times.

One other gentlemen was the only other person who managed to pass me. I held a steady enough pace to be happy. I hit finish with 44 seconds left on the clock.

Math says that should put me at a solid 23:23 for my 5k time. Neatly under my previously standing goal of a sub-24. Guess I have to make it sub-22 for a 5k now.

Lots of tasty food after, which was cool, and a brief club meeting, which was just announcements, it seemed. A pretty fun Wednesday night.

A big 10k looms on ┬áthe weekend though. Crossing the Maumee River, twice, on big bridges. Looking forward to it. Strava says I’ve managed 51:25 at that distance before, so I guess I should strive hard to nail 50 minutes or less. I’ll let you know how it goes on Saturday.